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The nonsurgical fat reduction alternative to liposuction

The CoolSculpting fat reduction procedure is specially designed for those who have unwanted fat in areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. CoolSculpting in Omaha, NE is not a weight loss solution, however, CoolSculpting is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. Good candidates are within 20-30 pounds of their ideal body weight and have noticeable bulges in certain areas that they would like to get rid of.

You do not have to make lifestyle changes in diet and exercise to enjoy the benefits of CoolSculpting results, but eating a healthy, drinking plenty of water, getting adquate sleep and at least minimal exercise will help you maximize your results (and feel better overall!)

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This just in….December 15, 2017 – CoolScupting has just received FDA Clearance for improvement in the appearance of lax skin tissue in conjunction with the submental (chin) treatment! 

We have been noticing improved skin laxity in many areas of the body for many patients all along, so we are quite pleased to hear of the FDA recognition.

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